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$3.95 / $7 / $13

Sweet Potato Chickpea (GF, V, VV, LF)
sweet potatoes, cumin, coriander, lemon, chickpeas, sesame

Tomato Mango (LF, V)
grape tomatoes, ripe mangoes, basil, lime

Classic Macaroni (GF, LF, VV, V)
al dente pasta, cheddar, celery, red onion, red pepper, dill, Dijon

Spring Quinoa (GF, V, VV, LF, D)
organic quinoa, cucumber, kale, red pepper, cranberries, sunflower seeds, mint, dill, chickpeas

Edamame Lime (GF, LF, V, VV)
brown rice, shredded carrot, edamame, yellow pepper, kaffir lime vinaigrette

Citrus Beet (GF, V, VV, LF)
roasted beets, toasted walnuts, citrus segments, pomegranate


$3.50 / $6 / $9

Chicken Tortilla (LF, LC, D)
tomatoes, shredded chicken, rice, cinnamon, cumin, cilantro, oregano

Root Vegetable (GF, V, VV, LF)
sweet potato, parsnip, carrot, rutabaga, spring leek

Butternut Ginger (GF, LF, V, VV)
butternut squash, fresh ginger, garlic, cinnamon


Kimchi Chicken (LC) $8.50 / $11.00
kimchi fried chicken, white miso honey drizzle

Chipotle Lime Salmon (GF, LF, D, LC) $9.00 / $11.50
roasted salmon filet, chipotle chili, fresh lime, tomato corn relish

Steak Ale Pie (LF, D, LC) $8.50 / $11.00
AAA Canadian beef, bacon, mushrooms, garlic, thyme, locally brewed beer

Maple Caramel Pork (GF, LF, D, LC) $8.50 / $11.00
pork belly, new season maple syrup, pepper, lime

Vegetable Terrine (V, D, LC) $8.50 / $10.50
root vegetables, orange zest, fresh herbs, beet jelly

Spanakopita (V) $7.50 / $10.00
spinach, caramelized onion, feta, mozzarella, dill, crisp filo pastry, tzaztiki


$3.95 / $7 / $13

Sesame Beans (GF, LF, V, VV, D, LC)
green beans, sesame oil, toasted sesame seeds

Indian Mash (GF, LF, VV, V)
mashed Yukon Gold potatoes, mustard oil, onion, chile, cilantro

Mushroom Rice (GF, LF, VV, V)
basmati rice, wild mushrooms, tofu

Sumac Carrots (GF, V)
roasted carrots, sumac, feta cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds, mint

Bakery Menu

In addition to our regular bakery selection, we will have the following freshly baked treats available in store during March & April. Please call ahead to make sure we reserve your selection.

Whole Cakes

Easter Cake
chocolate cake layers, pastel blue vanilla buttercream, chocolate ganache, mini eggs

Carrot Cake
layers of cake made with fresh carrot, cinnamon, ginger, coconut, cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut

Lemon Poppy Cake
vanilla bean & poppy cake layers, lemon curd, lemon buttercream, flowers

All cakes - $5.75 / slice, $32 / 6” (serves 6-8), $42 / 8” (serves 8-10), $52 / 10” (serves 12-14)


baked fresh daily

Multigrain Bread $6.00 loaf

Gluten Free Grain Bread (GF) $8.00 loaf

Classic Rye Round $6.00 loaf

Raspberry Orange Loaf (GF) $9.00 loaf

Cheddar Biscuits $2.95 ea

Fruit Scones $2.95 ea

Cinnamon Buns (Fri, Sat, Sun Only) $3.00 ea

Hot Cross Buns $2.50 ea


baked fresh daily

Rhubard Hazelnut Gallette (GF) $5.00 ea

Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish $5.00 ea

Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake $6.50 ea

Raspberry Peach Fruit Crisp (GF) $6.00 ea

Classic Buttermilk Pie (GF) $5.00 ea

Blackberry Apple Ginger Pie (GF) $5.00 ea

Lemon Lavender Bundt $5.00 ea

Mexican Chocolate Cookies $2.50 ea


Carrot Coconut
carrot coconut cake, cream cheese frosting, toasted coconut, buttercream carrot

Vanilla Bean
vanilla bean cake, pastel vanilla buttercream, floral decorations

Honey Orange Blossom
honey infused vanilla cupcake base, orange blossom buttercream, honeycomb garnish

Specialty Sandwiches

Tandoori Chickpea $7.00 ea / $9.50 w/ side
Spiced chickpea salad, cucumber raita, spinach, cumin foccacia

Braised Beef $7.00 ea / $9.50 w/ side
Slow braised beef, horseradish aioli, roasted beets, dill, caraway, pickled onion, greens, baguette

Ham Salad $7.00 ea / $9.50 w/ side
Black Forest ham, shredded carrot, avocado, tomato jam, baby spinach foccacia

Turkey Avocado Wrap $6.50 ea / $9.00 w/ side
Sliced turkey, avocado, kale pesto, roasted tomato, greens, soft tortilla wrap

Curried Vegetable Wrap $6.50 ea / $9.00 w/ side
Curried cream cheese, carrot, peppers, red cabbage, greens in a flour tortilla

Nourish Bowls

Spring Vegetable Bowl (GF, V, VV, LF) $8.75ea
steamed quinoa, brown rice, roasted asparagus, radish, broccoli, beets, chickpeas, lemon thyme vinaigrette

Asian BBQ Pork Salad Bowl (GF, LF, LC, D) $9.50ea
BBQ pork tenderloin, rice noodles, cucumber, baby spinach, radish, shredded carrot, mint, peanuts, sesame, tamari dressing

Chicken Club Salad Bowl (GF, LF) $9.50ea
grilled chicken, romaine, hard-boiled egg, tomatoes, red onion, bacon, avocado vinaigrette

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