Box #1
Baguette | thyme poached chicken breast, red pepper, scallion, whole egg mayonnaise, greens
White Ciabatta | black forest ham, provolone, balsamic onion jam, mustard, whole egg mayonnaise
Salad | orzo, cucumber, tomato, red pepper, Canadian feta, oregano, lemon
Fruit | Fresh cut fruit
Sweet | mini fruit muffin
Drink | sparkling water

Box #2
Focaccia | sliced turkey, double cream brie, cranberry apple relish, greens
Wrap | grilled chicken breast, double-smoked bacon, shaved parmesan, romaine, Caesar
Salad | mini potatoes, dill pickles, green onion, celery, mayo
Fruit | Fresh cut fruit
Sweet | caramel oatmeal square
Drink | sparkling water

Box #3 
Ribbon Sandwich | thyme poached chicken breast, red pepper, scallion, whole egg mayonnaise
Ribbon Sandwich | roasted salmon filet, green onion, dill, lemon, whole egg mayonnaise
Ribbon Sandwich | free-run organic eggs, celery, parsley, seed mustard, whole egg mayonnaise
Salad | pasta, basil pesto, baby bocconcini, grape tomatoes, lemon
Fruit | Fresh cut fruit
Sweet | classic date square
Drink | sparkling water 

Box #4 (vegetarian)
White Bun | free-run organic eggs, celery, scallions, dill, whole egg mayonnaise
White Bun | smashed avocado, roasted red pepper, crumbled Canadian feta, greens
Salad | turmeric steamed cous cous, chickpeas, carrot, green onion, lemon
Fruit | Fresh cut fruit
Sweet | lemon coconut square
Drink | sparkling water

Box #5 (gluten free)
Frittata | free-run organic eggs, roasted creamer potatoes, red pepper, spinach, cheddar
Salad Roll | rice noodles, matchstick veg, herbs, chili lime
Salad | quinoa, cucumber, tomato, parsley, tofu, lemon
Fruit | Fresh cut fruit
Sweet | date & seed square
Drink | sparkling water

Boxes include plastic wrapped fork & napkins
All boxes $16.95 ea, plus applicable taxes
Minimum 10 boxes per order



Minimum 10 guests per menu

Rustic Italian (V) $19.95

Gnocchi tossed in marinara sauce with asparagus, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, sprinkled with parmesan cheese (v)
Tomato bruschetta with fresh herbs and crostini (v)
Freshly baked bread and roasted garlic butter
Kale salad with candied almonds, feta & pickled onions (v, gf)
Orange almond biscotti

Teriyaki Chicken $21.95

Sweet & sticky grilled chicken with cherry tomatoes & fresh coriander
Sesame green beans (v, vv, gf, df)
Asian noodle salad (v, vv, gf, df)
Long grain rice with ginger (v, vv, gf, df)
Melon salad with mint and lime

Light Salmon $15.95

White wine poached salmon & potato cakes with lemon herb mayonnaise (gf, df)
Crisp green salad with honey poppy seed dressing(v, gf, df)
Upside-down pear cake

Beef Stroganoff $27.95

Tender beef striploin with mushrooms and sour cream
Buttered egg noodles (v)
Broccoli salad with mandarin, red onion & toasted sunflower seeds (v, vv, gf, df)
Belgian chocolate mousse with fresh berries

Filo Pie (v) $17.95

Vegetarian filo pies filled with squash, cranberries, spinach & almonds with harissa spiced yoghurt (v, vv, df)
Moroccan style carrot salad (v, vv, gf, df)
Cinnamon blueberry coffee cake

Grilled Chicken $21.95

Cilantro grilled chicken breast with mango lime salsa (gf, df)
Classic coleslaw (v, vv, gf, df)
Lemon cous cous & chickpea salad (v, df)
Fresh bakery bread and whipped chive butter
Triple chocolate brownies

Italian Inspired $21.95

Italian-style beef meatballs in tomato sauce (gf)
Vegetable lasagna(v)
Traditional Caesar salad
Pasta salad with eggplant, tomatoes and fresh basil (v, df)
Selection of hand-baked rolls with roasted garlic butter
Assorted handmade cookies & biscotti

Vegetarian Curry Inspired $20.95

Indian-style curry with potatoes, cauliflower, peas & chickpeas with cilantro mint chutney (v, vv, gf, df)
Basmati rice pilaf (v, vv, gf, df)
Mixed salad greens with mango poppy seed dressing (v, gf)
Grilled flat breads (v, df)
Fresh fruit salad with ginger & lime (v, vv, gf, df)

Roast Chicken $20.95

Herb butter roasted bone-in chicken & classic chicken gravy
Roasted red-skinned & sweet potatoes
Steamed market vegetables
Crisp green salad with rosemary balsamic vinaigrette
Freshly baked bread & butter
Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream

Greek Inspired $22.95

Classic Greek salad
Fresh pita bread, tzatziki & hummus
Lemon oregano marinated chicken breast
Garlic roasted potatoes
Assorted squares & cookies

Mild Chicken Curry $21.95

Mildly spiced boneless chicken curry
Spiced rice pilaf
Crisp green salad with mango poppy seed dressing
Indian-style cucumber salad
Grilled naan bread
Free form individual fruit tarts

Grilled Salmon Lunch $21.95

Grilled salmon filet (hot or cold) With mango lime salsa
Garden rice salad
Grilled asparagus salad with a creamy lemon mayonnaise
Individual strawberry shortcake with whipped cream


Choose 2 salads, 3 sandwiches and 3 desserts
$15.95 per person, minimum 10 people

SALADS  (Choose Two)
Individual Salads $4.50 per serve

Dill Potato | mini red potatoes, dill pickles, celery, fresh dill, mayonnaise dressing (v, gf)
Spinach | baby spinach, strawberries, candied almonds and poppy seed dressing (v, vv, gf, df)
Green | mixed greens, grape tomatoes, carrots with buttermilk ranch and rosemary balsamic dressings (v, gf)
Sweet Potato | roasted sweets, dried cranberries, sunflower seed and fresh rosemary (v, vv, gf, df)
Romaine | tomatoes, feta, cucumber, lemon vinaigrette (v, gf)
Bean | green beans, kidney beans, chickpeas, red wine vinaigrette (v, vv, gf, df)
Quinoa | organic quinoa, tomatoes, cucumber, tofu, green onion, mint, lime (v, vv, gf, df)
Orzo | al dente rice-shaped pasta, grape tomatoes, cucumber, feta cheese, red pepper, herbs (v)
Cous Cous | chickpeas, carrot, turmeric, lemon (v, vv, lf)
New Potato | corn kernels, red pepper, sour cream, cheddar and green onions (v, gf)
Greek | tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, Canadian feta, red onion, fresh dill, oregano, lemon (v, gf)
Kale | curly kale, dried cranberries, pickled red onion, feta, honey cider dressing (v, gf)
Broccoli | broccoli florets, red onion, mandarin segments, sunflower seeds, yoghurt dressing (v, gf)
Coleslaw | red & green cabbage, carrot, green onion, celery seed vinaigrette (v, vv, gf, df)
Macaroni | elbow macaroni, cheddar, red onion, celery, red pepper, mayonnaise dressing (v)
Detox | kale, broccoli, red cabbage, chickpeas, carrot, coriander, toasted almonds, organic red quinoa (v, vv, gf, df)
Pasta | curly pasta, basil pesto, grape tomatoes, cherry bocconcini, sun dried tomatoes (v)
Rice | basmati and wild rice, roasted red peppers, basil, mint, parsley, lemon vinaigrette (v, vv, gf, df)

SANDWICHES  (Choose Three)
Individual Sandwiches $8.50 ea

Portobello | rst zucchini, tomato, multi-grain bread (v, vv, df)
Turkey Brie | sliced turkey breast, brie cheese, cranberry relish focaccia bread
Curried Chicken | chicken breast, red pepper, mango, curry lime dressing, flour tortilla wrap
Deli Beef |tomatoes, provolone, mustard, horseradish cream, sesame seed roll
Black Forest Ham |provolone, balsamic onion jam, mustard, ciabatta
Turkey BLT | sliced turkey, tomato, cheddar, double-smoked bacon, all-butter croissant
Chicken Caesar | chicken breast, double smoked bacon, parmesan cheese, house-made Caesar dressing, flour tortilla
Bocconcini | tomato slices, cherry bocconcini, basil pesto, ciabatta
BBQ Chicken | sliced chicken breast, house-made BBQ sauce, avocado, tomato, herbed foccacia
French Baguette | creamy brie cheese, black forest ham, seeded mustard, horseradish cream, baby spinach, baguette
Italian Focaccia | Hungarian mild salami, cherry bocconcini cheese, sliced black olives, fresh tomato, sundried tomato olive tapenade, cream cheese, mixed greens
Herb Roasted Beef | herb crusted slow-roasted beef, horseradish cream, roasted red pepper, sliced provolone
Vegetarian Antipasto | roasted zucchini, roasted red peppers, roasted sweet potatoes, marinated eggplant, pickled red onions, shaved parmesan, mixed greens (v)
Tandoori Chicken | spiced curry roasted chicken breast, tzatziki, fresh tomato, mango chutney, baby spinach
Chickpea Sunflower | smashed chickpea salad, toasted sunflower seeds, fresh tomatoes, red onion, vegan mayo, greens (v, vv, df)
Spanish Chicken | slow-cooked chicken breast in a warm paprika-spiced tomato sauce with onions & peppers, roasted red onions and greens
Grilled Mushroom |thyme roasted portobellos, house-made sun dried tomato pesto, grilled zucchini, roasted red peppers, spinach (v, vv, df)
Country Ham & Peach | house-baked leg ham, cheddar, peach relish, whole grain mustard, mayonnaise, greens
Chicken Schnitzel | panko crusted chicken filet, fresh tomato, mozzarella, basil pesto mayonnaise, greens
Ultimate Salad | avocado, hummus, cucumber, sliced tomato, pickled beets, matchstick carrots, greens (v, vv, df)
Roast Beef | deli-roast beef, roasted sweet potatoes, caramelized onions, buttermilk ranch, greens

DESSERTS (choose 3) 

Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate ginger cookies
Nanaimo squares
Double chocolate cupcakes
Melting moments
Lemon coconut squares
Triple chocolate brownies
Nanaimo Bars

Gluten Free

Peanut butter cookies
Chocolate mousse shots
Fresh fruit skewers
Banana millet bread
Blueberry lemon loaf
Pumpkin gingerbread
Caramel brownies

Gluten free bread available on request, please add $1.00 per sandwich

Minimum 10 guests per menu, HST not included in pricing


Classic Lunch                                                                                           $11.95 

Chicken, egg & tuna salads on white & whole wheat bread
Mixed green salad with balsamic vinaigrette
Triple chocolate brownies & lemon coconut squares

Soup & Sandwich Lunch $14.00 
Freshly prepared butternut ginger soup (gf)
Ham & cheddar with cranberry relish on flaky croissant
Roasted vegetables with spicy hummus on multi grain bread
Chocolate chip cookies

Healthy Lunch $16.95
Quinoa tabbouleh salad (v, vv, gf, df)
Detox Salad (v, vv, gf, df)
Personal vegetable frittata w/ tomato jam (v, gf)
Chicken salad triangle point sandwich (2 points per person)
Yoghurt berry parfaits (gf)

Quiche Lunch $16.95
Quiche Lorraine (gf)
Roasted red pepper, asparagus, feta quiche (v, gf)
Romaine salad with tomatoes, feta, cucumber, lemon parsley vinaigrette (v, gf)
Creamy dill potato salad (v, gf)
Blueberry lemon loaf (gf)
Caramel brownies (gf)

Satay Lunch $19.95 
Chicken skewers w/ coconut curry peanut sauce (gf)
Beef skewers w/ chimichurri sauce (gf, df)
Vegetable haloumi skewers w/ tzatziki (v, gf)
Green Salad with rosemary balsamic dressing (v, vv, gf. df)
Mediterranean rice salad (v, vv, gf, df)
Fresh fruit salad cups (v, vv, gf, df)


Bottled water | $1.50 each
Sparkling water | $2.00 each
Regular pop (coke, diet coke, gingerale) | $1.50 each
Fruit flavoured sparkling water (no sugar) | $1.50 each
San Pellegrino fruit sodas | $2.00 each
Bottled juice (orange or apple) | $2.00 each


Chafing Dishes | $25.00 each 
Tea and Coffee Service | $3.50 per person
Compostable Plates, Cutlery, Napkins | $1.50 per person