Last Minute Chef – Winter Menu 2023/2024

We are here to help! It’s so easy to eat well when you have healthy, convenient meals on standyby in the freezer, ready to thaw, reheat and enjoy! We can be a total meal solution for anyone looking for assistance in creating delicious, nourishing meals. We even deliver!

Our Family Size meals are designed to feed your family, each one can serve 4-6, sometimes more. Meals come cooked for you, with only some simple preparation at home.

Our individual size meals are perfect to serve one, whether you’re dining solo, sending a gift, or prefer something different. 

Prepared fresh daily and flash frozen, they all cook beautifully straight from the freezer. Put them straight from the freezer into a waiting oven and dinner is on the table in less than an hour.

If time permits, thaw them the night before in your refrigerator, and they’ll cook through even quicker.

Pick-up from either our Manotick or Nepean locations, or we can deliver right to your home.

We love cooking for you and we hope that your daily life is made easier knowing that your dinner is done long before you need to eat it.

Chicken Bacon Leek Cottage Pie (GF)

$11.50 individual / $45.00 family size

Vegan Shepherd's Pie (GF, LF, V, VV)

$9.50 individual / $40.00 family size

Italian Beef Casserole

$12.50 individual / $50.00 family size

Fisherman's Pot Pie

$10.50 individual / $40.00 family size

Blueberry Lemon Coffee Cake
Sour cream coffee cake, blueberries, lemon zest, pecan brown sugar crumble topping Perfect for weekends at the cottage!
$25.00 family size




Quinoa Minestrone (GF, V, VV, LF)

Mushroom Cream (V)

Mulligatawny (GF, LF)

Lemon Chicken Orzo (LF)

Mushroom Barley (LF, V, VV)

Tomato Red Pepper (GF, LF, V, VV)

Butternut Ginger (GF, LF, V, VV)


Individual / family

Shepherd’s Pie (LC) $11.50 / $38.00
Lean ground beef, carrots, peas, corn, baked with Yukon Gold mashed potatoes

Beef Stroganoff $12.50 / $50.00
Tender beef sirloin strips, cremini mushrooms, sour cream, egg noodles, green beans

Beef Lasagna $10.50 / $38.00
Layers of lean ground beef, tomatoes, oregano, mozzarella and al dente noodles, topped with creamy bechamel

Spaghetti & Meatballs $10.50 / $35.00
Al dente spaghetti topped with classic meatballs, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese

Beef Bourguignon $12.50 / $50.00
Tender AAA top sirloin simmered gently with mushrooms, bacon and red wine, roasted garlic mashed potatoes

Beef Chili (GF, LF) $12.00 / $40.00
Lean ground beef, bean medley, peppers and mild spices, chipotle corn bread

Beef Madras (GF, LF) $12.50 / $50.00
Slow simmered boneless beef with turmeric, ginger, cumin & coconut, spiced rice pilaf


Individual / family

Baked Tilapia (GF, LF) $12.00 / $50.00
Herbed tilapia filet, roasted ratatouille, wild rice pilaf, lemon pepper sauce

Shrimp Alfredo $12.00 / $50.00
Penne pasta (gluten free available), grilled shrimp, white wine, cream, parmesan cheese, steamed broccoli

Salmon Pot Pie $10.50 / $38.00
Flaked poached salmon filet, white wine, leek, potatoes, fresh dill, cheddar biscuit topping

Salmon Teriyaki $12.50 / $50.00
Soy, ginger, garlic marinated salmon filet, quinoa pilaf, sesame green beans


Individual / family

Chicken Pot Pie $11.50 / $38.00
Boneless chicken and sautéed vegetables in a light white sauce, fresh herbs and cheddar biscuit crust

Mild Chicken Curry (GF) $11.50 / $40.00
Boneless chicken, mildly spiced tomato based sauce, spiced saffron rice pilaf

Chicken Cacciatore  $11.50 / $38.00
Boneless chicken simmered with tomatoes, onions, peppers, herbed pasta

Chicken Skewers (GF) $12.00 / $48.00
Yoghurt, turmeric & ginger marinated boneless chicken, ginger sesame rice pilaf

Herb grilled Chicken Breast (GF, LF) $11.50 / $45.00
Lemon herb marinated grilled chicken breast, quinoa pilaf, honey glazed carrots, green beans

Mushroom Chicken (GF) $11.50 / $45.00
Pan roasted chicken breast, sautéed mushroom medley, steamed broccoli, quinoa rice pilaf


Individual / family

Mac ‘n’ Cheese (V) $10.00 / $33.00
Al dente pasta, gruyere, cheddar, parmesan, focaccia crumb topping

Cauliflower Curry (V, GF) $10.00 / $35.00
Cauliflower, chickpeas, potatoes, mild tomato curry sauce, spiced rice pilaf

Vegetable Lasagna (V) $10.00 / $35.00
Layers of pasta, grilled eggplant, zucchini, peppers, tomato sauce, garlic bread

Pasta Vodka Rose (V) $10.00 / $35.00
Al dente pasta, creamy vodka rose sauce, mozzarella

Eggplant Parmesan (V) $10.00 / $35.00
Panko crumbed eggplant slices layered with house-made tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese

Quiche Lorraine (GF) $16.00 ea

Quiche Triple Cheese (GF, V) $16.00 ea

Brunch Ham Strata (GF, V) $9.50 / $30.00
Whole eggs, Black Forest ham, red pepper, cheddar, mozzarella, sautéed onions, toasted bread. Makes a delicious weekend breakfast or brunch!

Cinnamon Bread Pudding (V) $9.00 / $27.50
Our cinnamon buns, creamy whole egg custard, caramel sauce



Freezer Family Sides (medium and large).

Bacon Mac n' Cheese                                                                    $20.00 / $30.00

Cauliflower Cheese (V)                                                                  $13.50 / $25.00

Butternut Spinach Risotto                                                              $15.00 / $25.00

Roasted Ratatouille                                                                       $18.00 / $25.00